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Tim' s Book - God Enters Stage left


God Enters Stage Left offers a fresh, front row view to an ancient faith. The grand story of the Bible is narrated as a six act play, shining a light on an irreligious plot line that is all too often misunderstood. Spoiler alert: this story may deliver a plot twist that could change your life.


The book is available on amazon.ca. Here’s a link for the e-pub version through Chapters.


This creative, compelling, Jesus-centered guide to the Bible provides the “big picture” that enables us to make sense of its story. Full of rich insights and beautifully written.

~Paul Rhodes Eddy, Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN

Tim’s heart for our everyday struggles and how God’s story can transform our story is inked on every page. Read this book and be challenged to find your role in the greatest script you’ve ever read.

~Dave Toycen, Past President & CEO, World Vision Canada